NEU SP3 Englisch Stufe 6

NEU SP3 Englisch Stufe 6


NEU SP3 Englisch Stufe 6

A2 Auffrischer

This course offers grammars, exercises and activities which can help the participants to practice their English knowledge. It also consists of reading short scripts and stories which will enable them to enhance their comprehension skills. Speaking practice is also given emphasized to communicate using English as a medium of communication.

English for Tourists, Cornelsen Verlag,
ISBN: 3-464-03996-0   

Wann: mittwochs, ab 06.09.2017

Dauer: 13:15 – 14:45 Uhr

Kosten: 42 EUR

Ort: Kaiserplatz 1, Lahnstein

Dozentin: Dr. Jocelyn Becker-Albino

Kurs-Nr.: SP3