SP1 Keep active in English (B1)

SP1 Keep active in English (B1)


SP1 Keep active in English (B1)

Der Kurs richtet sich an Teilnehmer mit soliden Vorkenntnissen in der englischen Sprache.

Would you like to refresh and practice your English? With the help of motivating texts, we are going to discuss interesting topics of English speaking countries. The relaxed atmosphere of the course will invite you to talk in English.

Material will be provided by the teacher.

Wann: montags, ab 16.10.2017

Dauer: 18:30 - 20:00 Uhr

Kosten: 42 EUR

Ort: Kaiserplatz 1, Lahnstein

Dozentin: Maria Schmitz

Kurs-Nr.: SP1